About Junction Media

Junction Media was formed in 2002 to provide our Australian and New Zealand clients with solutions combining innovative design with practical and functional websites.

We believe that both graphic and technical expertise are vital for providing a complete solution for our clients. We design & develop web solutions for clients who don’t need 'big business' or 'big budget' sites.

... Not that we can't build those
     ... But do you actually need it?

Too often we’ve seen sites that are great to look at but difficult to use, employ web technologies that distract and don’t benefit users, or are just visually uninteresting. Companies creating these sites appeared to be selling a website but not a business solution.

We listen to our customers and know they need a personalised web solution that helps them do business with current customers, delivers appropriate information and company image, and attracts new customers.

We keep this in mind to ensure we design and deliver the right web solution for our clients.

In short, we bridge the gap between the online and offline world.